A very straightforward deck, fast and furious, but also very fragile. A lot of fun, and damage ! As Valduk will die a lot if your playgroup do it right, I rather use equipments than auras on him.

Full list on Archidekt : https://archidekt.com/decks/67694#Valduk_mono_R_aggro

Global price : 300€ on www.cardmarket.com
Power : 6/10 (1 being draftshaft, 4 a common Commander precon, 10 a very consistant competitive edh deck). You can easily beat one on them, but killing 3 or 4 opponents can be really hard.
Fun to play with / against : 7/10. Fun deck to play even if a bit straightforward. You can lower the saltiness of this deck by removing Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon and adding 2 equipments or auras.