One of my most consistent deck. Fast and dangerous ! Kill stuff, make poisonous snakes, a lot of them, and behemoth them for the win. Or you know, Doubling Season and planeswalkers ARE dangerous together.

Full list on Archidekt :,_Vizier_of_Poisons

Global price : 500-550€ on
Power : 8/10 (1 being draftshaft, 4 a common Commander precon, 10 a very consistant competitive edh deck)
Fun to play with / against : 8/10. An interesting deck to pilot or to fight against, without too much salty cards, except for Triumph of the Hordes. If your playgroup really don’t like infect, switch this card for any Overrun effect.

27/07/2019 – War of the Sparks update : – Golgari Rot FarmStatus // Statue // + Karn's Bastion + Deathsprout